Phoenix Group

Brand Strategy  , Communication  , Identity
Hyderabad, India Commercial Real Estate Developers

A re-branding exercise that we recently completed for one of the largest commercial real-estate developers in Hyderabad. After many conversations and client workshops, a brand manifesto was drafted that laid the foundation for new values and a brand ethos. This ethos was crystallised into one simple word – Let’s. Its dynamic usage lent itself to various statements that highlight the beliefs and personality of the brand. A fresh design language was created to complement this positioning and their iconic symbol of the Phoenix bird was also suitably repurposed. These elements, along with design guidelines for various collateral and applications, all came together to represent a company that’s truly ready to soar.


Communication  , Identity  , Nomenclature  , Signage
Ahmedabad, India Land Development

A brand identity and collateral that we designed for a plotted development in Ahmedabad. The concept was derived from the name of the project which means ‘whole’ or ‘complete’. The symbol uses various elements of the word ‘Samast’ when represented in Devnagari script and the typography, while avant-garde and modern, is yet rooted in Indian culture. As the project offerings were positioned as ‘getaway’ homes or farmhouse properties, the visual language used a colour palette that’s representative of outdoor elements like the earth, water and air. Illustrations of birds featured prominently in the brochure as the project is also home to various migratory birds through the year.

Kathiwada City House

Communication  , Identity  , Nomenclature
Mumbai, India Hospitality

Branding for a wellness club and boutique homestay. Initiated by Sangita Devi Kathiwada, the founder of Melange, the club is set in a refurbished section of her art deco bungalow in Mumbai. The identity is repurposed in a similar way, where a design language has been newly constructed while retaining elements from the original emblem of the Royal Kathiwada family. Tone of voice and graphic standards were defined and print and digital collateral were designed to assist in communication and creating atmosphere within the space. 

Commerce House 6

Communication  , Identity
Ahmedabad, India Real Estate Development

Branding and collateral design for a commercial complex in Ahmedabad. The logo unit is a simple inversion of the number 6 in Roman numerals, which in turn creates a form that resembles a house. A colour palette that’s uncommon in this vertical was developed for various applications. A strong use of grid, bold type and universal pictograms is evident in the communication collateral and the overall approach was inspired by the International Typographic Style.

Mi Vida

Brand Strategy  , Campaign  , Communication  , Identity
Actis & Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate, Kenya Real Estate

Mi-Vida is a brand for a category of housing in Africa. Created as a joint venture between Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate and Actis, a prominent real-estate investment fund, the category sought to address the market gap between extremely low end housing and uber luxury projects. This kind of affordable housing was positioned as being aspirational and a new way of living for many people. ASDS defined the positioning of the brand and created the primary identity. The collateral that followed focused on the launch of the brand and the first project in Nairobi, Kenya.

While an international approach towards the branding was initially considered, it was evident after further investigation that a direction that embraces the roots of the culture was actually uncommon in this space. Using this as an opportunity, a design language that uses bright colours and forms inspired by traditional hieroglyphics became the core of the branding. The vibrant energy of the brand saw itself manifest in various sales and communication collateral.

Moonshine Meadery

Identity  , Nomenclature  , Packaging
Ronin Wines, Pune FMCG

Branding and packaging for an alcohol brand. Considering the ambition of being Asia’s First Meadery, there was a need to create an identity that was distinct yet neutral enough to allow the brand to scale across geographies. The inspiration for the identity is drawn from alphabet charts used in Kindergarten, where word associations like “A for Apple” and “B for Ball” are first formed.

It connects with words that are seminal in language and learning and ties in to the association of Moonshine Meadery being the the first of its kind and a true pioneer. While solid colours were used to segregate the types of flavours, the identity is type centric in terms of design. The usage of a red line in the primary identity also features across multiple communication touch points.


Kathiwada, Madhya Pradesh Retail

STACK is a concept we proposed a few years ago for a community space, placed within the lawns of the Kathiwada Palace.

The studio has been interested in repurposing shipping containers towards retail and experiential formats. Having explored independent living spaces, a leisure development was imagined for a real estate developer. The combination of 20.0′ and 40.0′ high cube shipping containers were stacked and organised to create retail, restaurant and pop up spaces. Having 2 levels, the upper deck included independent restaurants with sit outs on the deck. The mirco architecture provides interesting scale through the orientation of containers.


Domus India, Mumbai Publishing

Magazine covers designed for an architecture publication. ASDS was appointed to design the cover pages for the first 4 monthly issues of the year 2017. Each illustration is an abstract representation of the cover story of the month. What was meant to be a one time experiment proved to be a successful model for the client and sparked a series of future collaborations with various design studios.


Identity  , Nomenclature  , Packaging
Pure Pizza LLP, Mumbai FMCG

Branding and packaging design for a frozen pizza brand. Being a product category that’s uncommon in local supermarkets but has tremendous potential for growth, the name ‘Pizzo’ was proposed as a word that becomes generic and synonymous with frozen pizzas. The primary identity suggests the feeling of satisfaction that is associated with the product. The design language exemplifies the product attributes – simple, convenient, wholesome and playful.

The Formist Group

Identity  , Nomenclature
The Formist Group, Bengaluru Real Estate

Branding a real-estate developer.  This new-age organisation was started by a group of experienced architects with a desire to create. The idea of creating forms is a nod to the Bauhaus movement which was the inspiration behind the creation of the name and the identity.

Formist — Treehouse

Communication  , Identity  , Nomenclature
The Formist Group, Bengaluru Real-Estate

Branding and collateral design for a real estate project.  A proprietary architectural feature, where the the clubhouse was diffused across multiple floors at the core of building, was the inspiration behind the name ‘The Treehouse’. A bold, illustrative style was used in collateral, both on print and digital.

W Hotels, Goa

Environmental Design  , Industrial Design  , Signage
ABIL, Pune Hospitality

Every W Hotel around the world has a distinct totem near the entrance with varying styles and material finishes to reflect the identity of the city. This design captures the glitz and vibrant energy of Goa, one of the prime party destinations in India. After multiple prototypes and experiments with various materials, it was eventually manufactured using high grade stainless steel and the surface comprised of multiple metal flaps that move inwards and outwards with the wind. This gives the totem a shimmering effect. 

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Campaign  , Communication
IHCL Hotels, Mumbai Hospitality

A selection of collateral that we designed for The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai – the oldest and most prestigious hotel in Mumbai. As their creative partner since 2016, we’ve provided consistent creative support and have gradually established a language of design and tone of voice for the hotel. To further our growth and our abilities as designers and thinkers, we’ve also collaborated with artists and illustrators on multiple projects.


Campaign  , Communication  , Identity  , Packaging
IHCL Hotels, Mumbai Hospitality

After renovations were completed at Mumbai’s first all day diner, we were approached to create a design language that carries forward the diner’s legacy and introduces it to a new generation. Tag-lines used during the launch used humour to create a dichotomy between the old and the new.

Systems +

Communication  , Environmental Design  , Identity
System Plus Pvt. Ltd., Information Technology

An early boomer in the IT space, the client has serviced numerous customers in the domestic and international market. Their versatility has enabled them to work with clients ranging from large MNCs to budding start-ups. The identity captures the company’s ability to scale up and down, adapt and re-align itself according to a customer’s requirement. This dynamic identity is further exemplified by a visual language that’s constantly shifting to bring fresh energy via merchandise, collateral and environmental graphics.

Secure Parking Kiosk

Industrial Design
Secure Parking, Mumbai Technology

This client approached us with an unusual problem. The earlier design of their parking ticket dispensing unit was complex and cumbersome for users. Therefore, people would be employed to simply operate the system and physically hand-over the ticket to a customer. The proposed design addresses issues with ergonomics during usage while adding a little flair to the environment. After test results and user feedback was deemed positive, a world wide roll out of the devices was initiated.

Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate

Brand Strategy  , Campaign  , Communication  , Environmental Design  , Identity
Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate, Mumbai Real Estate

As a subset of one of the oldest construction companies in India, Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate wanted to move forward with a single voice and clarified vision. After an in depth study, a brand ethos and archetype was identified. ‘Constantly Committed’ became a corporate tagline that was a crystallisation of the ethos and brand philosophy. It was used dynamically in campaigns, merchandise and environmental graphics and remains a driving mantra in the organisation. Subsequently, a design language was derived from the brand archetype and guidelines for various categories were defined and collated in a comprehensive brand manual. 

La Folie

La Folie du Chocolat, Mumbai FMCG

Packaging concepts for a bean-to-bar chocolate brand.

Abstract and artistic, the first route recalls the work of color theorist Josef Albers who explored the nuances of colour using geometric compositions. Flux depicts a flow of energy. A change in one’s state of being. The experience of a La Folie chocolate.


Anantraj Global Limited, Delhi Real Estate

Corporate branding for a real-estate developer. A 40 year old real-estate developer in New Delhi was undergoing a metamorphosis. Under a new generation of leadership, the developer had the ambition of transforming the real-estate landscape in the city and aspired to re-build the brand from the ground up. The identity reflects the young energy omnipresent in this new age organisation and its ability to take on projects of varying scales. The brand architecture uses a striking nomenclature system, where each product category uses a different voice or expression of the brand.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India

Brand Strategy  , Communication  , Environmental Design  , Identity  , Nomenclature
The Board of Control for Cricket in India, Mumbai Sports

ASDS was commissioned by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to create a narrative and a visual identity for all its cricket formats, i.e. One Day International (ODI), T20, and Test Cricket. The applications extended themselves across multiple collateral, merchandise and in-stadia graphics.

Svara by Taj

Identity  , Packaging
IHCL Hotels, Mumbai FMCG

An unconventional wine label design, which plays tribute to the quintessential Indian musical instrument, the Bansuri. Portrayed using a bold and minimal style, the iconic silhouette of the Bansuri appears distinctive, just as it sounds. The melody of the Bansuri playfully hints at the various ‘svaras’ of wine.


Communication  , Identity
Vensa Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Real Estate

Re-branding an infrastructure and real-estate developer in Hyderabad. The logo uses an abstract representation of the Cartesian System, a fundamental tool used in construction to determine an object’s position in a 3 dimensional space.


Brand Strategy  , Communication  , Identity  , Nomenclature
Glide Insurance Pvt. Ltd. Finance

The word ‘Insurance’ seems daunting for many people and finding the right insurance product can feel complex to the average Joe. It was the clients’ mission to challenge this by projecting an image of simplicity and lightness. We arrived at the name ‘Glide’ and the positioning of ‘Effortless Insurance’. The identity is inspired by the movement of ice-skaters and the smooth, extending lines that stay embedded on the ice. The colour creates a sense of warmth and openness and is also distinct in this sector.


Environmental Design  , Identity  , Nomenclature  , Packaging  , Space
Indigo Deli, Mumbai Hospitality

Branding concept for a Deli. As the objective was to create a highly distinctive identity, the name ‘Booyah’ was suggested as it is a term used to express joy or triumph, within the urban youth culture. The graphic language uses a fresh colour palette with geometric line forms for the logo and icon graphics. The container emerging from an exclamation mark adds a sense of weight and excitement to the logo unit. The visual language then carries itself forward through the entire space via environmental graphics, interiors and furniture design.

Picture This

Communication  , Environmental Design  , Identity  , Nomenclature
Picture This, Mumbai Healthcare

Dr. Bhavin Jankharia, a popular radiologist in Mumbai, approached us with the desire to create an identity that’s unique and stands out in the healthcare sector. The identity rekindles a sense of amazement by bringing forth the absolute science of being able to see images within the body.

The dynamic identity derives its visual language from the consolidation of the 11 body systems that lead to our sustenance.

Transit Food Lounge

Environmental Design  , Identity  , Industrial Design  , Space
Bengaluru Hospitality

Forum Mall Bangalore was the first mall to come up in Bengaluru and the foot court was the first of its kind. With a footprint of 20,000 sq.ft, the challenge was to maximise seating and provide 8-10 kitchens. The mall program had retail spaces on the ground, 1st and 2nd levels and the cinema screens on the 3rd and 4th levels. The food court was positioned perfectly on the 2nd level, which was the idea behind the name `Transit’.

The visual identity borrows from the design language that’s common at airports. The planning of the food court placed all the kitchens within full vision of the customer and all back end services, material handling and movement spaces were neatly organised. The tables were specially designed in all aluminium and the glass tops were embedded with digital prints. Each print had a unique quote by a famous artist, designer and writer suggesting the idea of `food for thought’.  Transit Food Lounge was a commercial success and the concept has multiplied to different locations across India. 

Galaxy Mall

Signage  , Space
Galaxy Mall, Bengaluru Retail

Galaxy Cinema was a yesteryear cinema in Bengaluru which was being repurposed as a shopping mall. The visual identity became the starting point; a galaxy formation without a defined form. The fonts became forms offering positive and negative openings which led to the beginning of a visual language. The idea was carried forward by designing a perforated skin panel system for the proposed building. The grid allowed for both fixed and openable panels which was likened to the mall being both, an introvert and an extrovert, opening only the parts that needed to be revealed. The distance between the screens and the actual wall structure allowed for placing soft coloured dynamic lighting giving the architecture a distinctive look at night. The interior design referenced museum interiors by minimising elements and bringing the focus towards retail. A retail program was proposed to ensure that the product category and brand adjacencies complimented the architecture. 

Gemini Cinemas

Gemini Cinemas, Chennai Hospitality

Re-branding a movie theatre. This iconic theatre in Chennai carries over 60 years of cinema legacy. It was an obvious choice to retain the popular Bugle Twins in our contemporary take on the brand identity and visual language. This distinctive language made its way across tickets, popcorn holders, soda cups and other items used by most movie goers.

Embassy Springs Design Centre

Environmental Design  , Space
Embassy Group, Bengaluru Real Estate

We designed an experience center for a real estate development of 300 acres in North Bangalore for the Embassy Group. The project is called Embassy Springs. Having designed the visual identity and the graphic language for the project, we extended the brand experience in space. The information was organised to explain the project plan and features. The information included overall development plans, locations, amenities, architecture, sustainability design, landscape design, and the club house.

The exhibition structure was designed by us using corrugated paper. All the structures were made by folding corrugated panels with the information directly printed on them. This even included the master plan that is mounted on the wall. The design also extended into internal signage. The choice of paper was made to allow for revisions in organising new information, as all the units are modular and this decision also lowered the cost of implementation

AGL Mall

Communication  , Environmental Design  , Industrial Design  , Nomenclature  , Signage  , Space
Anantraj Global Ltd, Delhi Retail

MOMENTS is a mall based in Delhi. The client wanted to reformat the mall with a new extension of both, an additional building and a new floor on the existing building. The challenge was to integrate the old with the new. Since it wasn’t possible to strip down the previous structures, a metal panel cladding system was proposed. The simple box that was proposed would stand in stark contrast to the mixed architecture styles around Delhi. It would herald a new spirit for the mall that was fresh, contemporary and bold. 

Toranagallu Station

Environmental Design  , Industrial Design  , Space
TNGL, Toranagallu Transportation

Jindal Steel Works (JSW) has it’s primary production unit in Vidyanagar. They produce all their steel within this large factory plant and also have a community living within a township developed by them. 

Torangellu Railway Station is the closest station to get to the JSW Plant. JSW approached us to make a proposal of redesigning the railway station. Since JSW produces coloured corruaged sheets for outdoor roofing and structure applicatons-we proposed a concept where the functions of the station-station master cabin, cargo room, resting room, retail and a few others were proposed as factory produced modules made by JSW.

These will be delivered in component form and assembled on the platform. The design intent was to produce these as a kit, which would give the railway authority a guideline of being able to replicate this design in other locations and at the same time it becomes a good context to establish JSW. 

Paris Café

Environmental Design  , Identity  , Industrial Design  , Space
Abin Design Studio, Kolkata Hospitality

A graphic and space identity that we designed for an architect in Kolkata. Inspired by contemporary French artists, geometry and colour are the basic constructs of the graphic language. The abstract compositions are also reminiscent of Art Deco, a style of modern art that was manifested in Paris. The colour palette pays homage to the French flag, and combined with stripes recalls the quintessential French piece of clothing – The Breton Shirt.

Kaya Skin Care

Environmental Design  , Space
Kaya Skin Care, Mumbai Skin Care

Space design for a retail format. Kaya Skin care, a chain of popular dermatology and beauty consultants, developed a retail format called ‘Kaya Skin Bar.’ The idea of clean and flawless skin is represented in the minimal and airy aesthetic that ’s created from this design.

Roca Retail Store

Industrial Design  , Space
ROCA, Spain Retail

ROCA from Spain approched us to design their flagship store in Mumbai. The intent was to take bath, sanitary and hardware fixtures and present them as well designed, industrial design forms. Framed structures called ‘Gridlocks’ were designed that mimic a relatable scale of bath spaces. The Gridlock frames of varying dimensions were placed strategically to present each collection and tell a story. The space was designed to be neutral with no emphasis on colour to retain focus towards the products on display. 

One 10

Communication  , Identity
One Ten Digital, Dubai & Mumbai Marketing & Technology

Branding a Martech company. The circle within the logotype becomes a versatile and dynamic element that displays images and messages that varies with usage and context. The graphic language creates an unexpected association with ‘Ones and Zeros’ – the fundamental code in information technology.


Carbon, Mumbai Retail

The brand ‘Carbon’ wished to propose a retail concept that was edgy and smart. This particular store was the 7th store and so the designers took an approach of tilting the structures to a degree of 7. In a small footprint, the display unit seams across the walls with pockets provided in a dynamic composition to display the merchandise. The choice of material for the display unit was metal which was prefabricated and assembled on site.


Brand Strategy  , Identity  , Nomenclature
Tonic, South Africa Corporate Brand

Kensta is a multi-sector company based in Nairobi. The objective of the exercise was to establish a new umbrella brand that would encompass all the present and future businesses. The brand had to resemble the ethos and culture of the company and be positioned as forward thinking, cutting edge and driven. The name ‘Tonic’ suggests the feeling of well-being and vigor. Tonic, by nature of its branding, occupies a positioning that can lend itself to new opportunities and the present businesses.

The visual identity explores the concept of a core and an outer circle. The core represents the organization formed by individuals and values. It remains stable and uncompromised through changing times. The outer circle represents the environment, which is constantly changing and also symbolizes the world. The responsiveness of the organization to the changing worldview is captured in an adaptive graphic element.


Environmental Design  , Industrial Design  , Space
Tata Cliq, Mumbai E Commerce

A 10,000 square foot office that was designed for Tata Cliq – a recent entrant in the e-commerce space. This simple concept takes the visual construct of their website and turns it into an art form by creating an abstract representation via environmental graphics. The graphics were hand-painted by artists who have worked on designing billboards for many years. Furniture like workstations and shelving systems were also designed as part of a holistic branding exercise.

Radiology Education Foundation

Communication  , Identity
Radiology Education Foundation, Mumbai Education

An identity we created for the Radiology Education Foundation. Spearheaded by eminent radiologist, Dr. Bhavin Jhankaria, the organisation serves as a repository of white-papers, tutorials, forums etc. for other radiologists to refer to and be updated on the latest advances in the field. The visual representation of the abbreviation R.E.F in a lowercase font and followed by a period, doubles up as a short form of the word ‘Reference’. 

Nayi Subah Campaign

Campaign  , Communication  , Identity  , Nomenclature
SD Corp, Mumbai Real Estate

A prominent real-estate developer in Mumbai completed work on the largest re-development project in history where over 10,000 people were relocated to new homes at no cost. To celebrate this milestone, we worked with the developer to design a campaign strategy and communication collateral to announce this achievement. Considering the gracious nature of the project, we used an approach that returns gratitude to all the people who helped make this possible for the developer by patiently  . The name “Nayi Subah” means “A New Morning” which symbolises a fresh start.


Environmental Design  , Nomenclature  , Signage  , Space
Aerospace, Mumbai Hospitality

Aerospace is a food court located on a high podium level of a corporate tower in Mumbai.

The intent was to design the space as an area which facilitates the exchange of ideas and meaningful interactions in an otherwise static environment. It serves up information related to global affairs, business, news, art, design, food, travel, and culture whilst enjoying the short breaks of dining. We used QR-codes as a graphic form used within the space as well as a digital channel to transport users to interesting websites by simply scanning the table tops.

Hop, skip, & jump

SD Corp, Mumbai Real Estate

Campaign design for a real-estate developer. The USP of this project is the surrounding neighbourhood and the ease of having everything you need for a good life, close by. The campaign slogan “Hop, Skip and Jump” was supported by a distinct visual style and was carried forward through multiple ATL and BTL touch points.


Communication  , Identity
Glamrs, Mumbai E Commerce

Identity design for an online platform targeting women. The symbol consists of a double layered form of G to reflect the layers of information available on the platform. While being bold, it has a certain softness to it considering the target audience. The primary colour for the brand is a vibrant red. As part of defining the brand position, 6 key words were established to represent the brand.

Via South

Environmental Design  , Identity  , Nomenclature  , Space
Via South, Chennai Hospitality

Via South diner is the first branded food court in the city of Chennai. ASDS conceptualized the space keeping in mind the context, location and the audience they were catering to. On the outset, it was important that the brand have character and a visual look that was totally unique. The identity is derived from the excessive southern styled living and the tagline pays homage to a famous song from this region. The visual language uses a pixelated form of  the traditional Kolam pattern to give the environment a little flair.


Campaign  , Communication  , Identity  , Nomenclature
Goyal & Co, Ahmedabad Real Estate

Sky City is a 104 acre residential development in the city of Ahmedabad. We named the project Sky City, where one discovers ‘lighter living’. The visual identity was conceptualised to express the expanse of land in the form of isometric rhombuses. The symbol thus has an architectural reference. The wire frame line form is suggestive of lightness, referring to the theme of the project. The visual treatment of the line form also gives the symbol a sense of continuity and the elegance of an emblem.


Communication  , Identity  , Space
Government of India, Mumbai Handicrafts

The Indian government wanted to create a format that promotes local handicrafts to a new-age audience for the welfare of rural artisans. The identity that we proposed injects energy with its bold and contemporary design which was also evident in our radical kiosk design.

Rohit Sharma

Reliance IMG, Mumbai Sports

A logo unit that was designed for Rohit Sharma – the captain of the Mumbai Indians and one of the most sought after cricketers in the country. The design seamlessly integrates Rohit’s initials and subtly hints at the number 45 which is the number he uses on the field and is well known with his extensive fan base. As a personal collector of sneakers and caps, he intends to launch his own label of fashion and merchandise using the new identity.

Signage Projects

Various Clients Real Estate, Entertainment

A small selection from a long list of Wayfinding Signage projects that we’ve designed over the years. We cover every aspect – Conception, Mapping, Layouts, Material Specifications, Technical Drawings, Prototyping, Vendor Sourcing and Installation Supervision. 

Cricket All Stars

Brand Strategy
Cricket All Stars, Mumbai Sports

An identity and collateral that we designed for a new format of cricket. This format introduces the sport in countries where cricket isn’t played or popular with the masses. It brings many cricket legends together to play a friendly, exhibition match to showcase the energy and glory of the sport. While this format was shelved due to unavoidable circumstances, we hope to see this come to light in the near future.


Mumbai, India Investment Bankers

A comprehensive report we designed that provides critical insights into the dynamics and growth of the Electric Vehicle segment in India. Considering the breadth and depth of information, various systems of typography, iconography and illustrations were used to device charts and infographics that further clarified the information. A micro-site was also designed that summarises the key points and offers the user the option to download a digital version of the report.