In the year 1990, Circus Design Company was formed with the sole intent of designing contemporary furniture and products. The studio enjoyed working on industrial design projects for about a decade. But the year 2000 was an important year. We had started to work on retail and commercial spaces and this gave us the opportunity to express our own design language. It was in the year 2002 that we immersed ourselves in designing for a comprehensive project, where we realised the coming together of all design disciplines to manifest a concept. We rechristened ourselves as ASDS and that seeded who we are today. 
ASDS has grown organically across projects in different sectors without limiting itself to any one discipline, to provide clients with a fresh perspective on design and branding. From product design to strategy driven visual communication, the studio has been nimble, unburdened with notions or cliches and always eager to apply progressive design within context of an evolving world perspective.
Our clients range from established organisations to business start-ups and they benefit from our experiences and our ability to apply an idea across all touchpoints of a business. 
By collectively combining our design thinking, we now see ourselves as `suppliers of ideas and impulses’ and only second as product, graphic and space designers.