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Moonshine Meadery

Identity  , Nomenclature  , Packaging
Ronin Wines, Pune FMCG

The client approached us with a plan of producing and selling Mead – an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey. Considering the ambition of being Asia’s First Meadery, there was a need to create an identity that was distinct yet neutral enough to allow the brand to scale across geographies. The inspiration for the identity is drawn from alphabet charts used in Kindergarten, where word associations like “A for Apple” and “B for Ball” are first formed.

It connects with words that are seminal in language and learning and ties in to the association of Moonshine Meadery being the the first of its kind and a true pioneer. While solid colours were used to segregate the types of flavours, the identity is type centric in terms of design. The usage of a red line in the primary identity also features across communication and multiple touch points.


Identity  , Nomenclature  , Packaging
Pure Pizza LLP, Mumbai FMCG

Branding and packaging design for a frozen pizza brand. Being a product category that’s uncommon in local supermarkets but has tremendous potential for growth, the name ‘Pizzo’ was proposed as a word that becomes generic and synonymous with frozen pizzas. The primary identity suggests the feeling of satisfaction that is associated with the product. The design language exemplifies the product attributes – simple, convenient and wholesome.

The Formist Group

The Formist Group, Bengaluru Real Estate

Branding a real-estate developer. This new-age organisation was started by a group of experienced architects with a desire to create. The idea of creating forms is a nod to the Bauhaus movement which was the inspiration behind the creation of the name and the identity.


Communication  , Identity
IHCL Hotels, Mumbai Hospitality

After renovations were completed at Mumbai’s first all day diner, we were approached to create a design language that carries forward the diner’s legacy and introduces it to a new generation. Tag-lines used during the launch used humour to create a dichotomy between the old and the new.

Systems +

System Plus Pvt. Ltd., Information Technology

An early boomer in the IT space, the client has serviced numerous customers in the domestic and international market. Their versatility has enabled them to work with clients ranging from large MNCs to budding start-ups. The identity captures the company’s ability to scale up and down, adapt and re-align itself according to a customer’s requirement. This dynamic identity is further exemplified by a visual language that’s constantly shifting to bring fresh energy via merchandise, collateral and environmental graphics.


Anantraj Global Limited, Delhi Real Estate

Corporate branding for a real-estate developer. A 40 year old real-estate developer in New Delhi was undergoing a metamorphosis. Under a new generation of leadership, the developer had the ambition of transforming the real-estate landscape in the city and aspired to re-build the brand from the ground up. The identity reflects the young energy omnipresent in this new age organisation and its ability to take on projects of varying scales. The brand architecture uses a striking nomenclature system, where each product category uses a different voice or expression of the brand.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India

Communication  , Identity
The Board of Control for Cricket in India, Mumbai Sports

ASDS was commissioned by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to create a narrative and a visual identity for all its cricket formats, i.e. One Day International (ODI), T20, and Test Cricket. The applications extended themselves across multiple collateral, merchandise and in-stadia graphics.

Svara by Taj

Identity  , Packaging
IHCL Hotels, Mumbai FMCG

An unconventional wine label design, which plays tribute to the quintessential Indian musical instrument, the Bansuri. Portrayed using a bold and minimal style, the iconic silhouette of the Bansuri appears distinctive, just as it sounds. The melody of the Bansuri playfully hints at the various ‘svaras’ of wine.


Vensa Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Real Estate

Re-branding an infrastructure and real-estate developer in Hyderabad. The logo uses an abstract representation of the Cartesian System, a fundamental tool used in construction to determine an object’s position in a 3 dimensional space.


Identity  , Nomenclature
Glide Insurance Pvt. Ltd. Finance

The word ‘Insurance’ seems daunting for many people and finding the right insurance product can feel complex to the average Joe. It was the clients’ mission to challenge this by projecting an image of simplicity and lightness. We arrived at the name ‘Glide’ and the positioning of ‘Effortless Insurance’. The identity is inspired by the movement of ice-skaters and the smooth, extending lines that stay embedded on the ice. The colour creates a sense of warmth and openness and is also distinct in this sector.


Indigo Deli, Mumbai Hospitality

Branding concept for a Deli. As the objective was to create a highly distinctive identity, the name ‘Booyah’ was suggested as it is a term used to express joy or triumph, within the urban youth culture. The graphic language uses a fresh colour palette with geometric line forms for the logo and icon graphics. The container emerging from an exclamation mark adds a sense of weight and excitement to the logo unit. The visual language then carries itself forward through the entire space via environmental graphics, interiors and furniture design.

Picture This

Picture This, Mumbai Healthcare

Dr. Bhavin Jankharia, a popular radiologist in Mumbai, approached us with the desire to create an identity that’s unique and stands out in the healthcare sector. The identity rekindles a sense of amazement by bringing forth the absolute science of being able to see images within the body.

The dynamic identity derives its visual language from the consolidation of the 11 body systems that lead to our sustenance.

Gemini Cinemas

Gemini Cinemas, Chennai Hospitality

Re-branding a movie theatre. This iconic theatre in Chennai carries over 60 years of cinema legacy. It was an obvious choice to retain the popular Bugle Twins in our contemporary take on the brand identity and visual language. This distinctive language made its way across tickets, popcorn holders, soda cups and other items used by most movie goers.

One 10

Communication  , Identity
One Ten Digital, Dubai & Mumbai Marketing & Technology

Branding a Martech company. The circle within the logotype becomes a versatile and dynamic element that displays images and messages that varies with usage and context. The graphic language creates an unexpected association with ‘Ones and Zeros’ – the fundamental code in information technology.

Embassy Projects

Embassy Group, Bengaluru Real Estate

A few examples of residential projects that we branded for the Embassy Group, the largest real-estate developer in Bengaluru. The identities created were extended across communication collateral, both print and digital. Sales and experience centres were also designed for certain projects with environmental and infographics applied in interesting ways.


Tonic, South Africa Corporate Brand

A conglomerate in South Africa approached us for a branding exercise with the intention of revitalising the company. This led us to the name ‘Tonic’ and the design of a dynamic identity which symbolises the core values of the company that remain steadfast amidst an ever-changing environment.