Bunk Bed for a Hostel  furniture design

We were invited to design a Bunk Bed for a Girl’s Hostel attached to a Hospital in Pune.

An independent building has been designed for this purpose. Each floor houses rooms in which 4 girls will reside.The design of the Bunk beds is a structural system with four posts, connecting members and panels to place the mattress on. To create a softness to the overall design, as well keep the structure visually simple and economical; the posts are formed in sheet metal with a soft edge radius.
The posts have slots in which one can hang S hooks that allow to hang bags, purses, headphones and other paraphernalia.

The rest of the surfaces are also in metal, avoiding textile based components for ease of maintenance; such as the back supports. The ladder detail is a bend pipe to simplify the look of the beds and create more openness.
The complete structure is of a knockdown nature, allowing for factory production, ease of transport and assembly at site.
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