Crossword  symbol

We were asked to design a new symbol for Crossword. The earlier symbol placed the brand as being a destination for many things. The new symbol provides an inflection point for the brand to course correct its larger purpose; of being recognised first as a bookshop.

The development of the symbol in some sense set the tone for the store design language; concise, clear, silent, and the ideal balance between impact and timelessness.
The complete identity is formed by a new symbol and the previous word mark. By doing so; we achieve
1. Continuity between the past and the new
2. No disruption in brand recognition and a sense of renewal.

The new symbol is both utilitarian and poetic; having the right balance to express the brand ethos. Formed by a simple line that reflects a book, the symbol appears in black against a custom yellow.
The new symbol carries itself into several collaterals across the shop, on related collaterals and merchandise.
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