Dessert display + preparation trolley  product design

We were commissioned to design a dessert trolley for a new restaurant in Bengaluru, India. The brief was to design a mobile trolley, which will have a display of the various desserts along with a platform that holds condiments, sauces, ice cream and a camp styled gas stove. The trolley would also house the cutlery and bowls to serve.

Through a series of design explorations, we arrived at a design that’s compact to manoeuvre between tables and house all the requirements.
One key feature in this design is the dessert display pull-out, which otherwise flushes with the working platform. When pulled up, it locks itself in place and the desserts can be seen for the customer to choose from. This gesture forms a minimal theatrical action of gradually unveiling the dessert display. Once chosen, the dessert is placed on the dish taken from below the platform, condiments added, sauce and ice cream added and served.
When not in use, the trolley can be parked and the dessert display emptied and closed.

The materials for the trolley are in anodised aluminium with the platform in a composite material.
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