Elsewhere  brand positioning, nomenclature, identity design

Elsewhere is a real estate development brand owned by LaRuche Group with a sharp focus on design. The brand is driven by its love of design ideals: design simplicity, systems thinking, materiality, visible construction details, technology and innovation. Elsewhere proposes to build homes across India and other geographies and reach an audience that shares similar values of design and simplicity.

Elsewhere holds architects and designers such as Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando, Carlos Scarpa, George Nakashima, Luis Barragan, Mies Van Der Rohe and the Bauhaus design as its inspiration for proposing projects with authorship and originality.
We developed a graphic identity that translates its design ideology to their contemporary practice. Built from the foundation of a minimal form and type, the identity encompasses the expressive values of the brand across collaterals.

Elsewhere sits comfortably under the Creator Brand archetype offering a brand promise of Innovation with a tone of voice as being Inspirational, Daring and Provocative.
Using type, a visual device and a wide colour palette as the foundation of the identity, the tools communicate the character Elsewhere’s work and design ideology.
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