Kala Ghoda Cafe  graphic design 

KGC is our favourite cafe. You'll find us there quite often. To then be invited to design packaging for their takeaway boxes was a thrill for us. The brief was simple. it should be economical, practical, sustainable, and unpretentious.

We focused on the label design rather than reinventing the packaging. The label composes information graphically, placing a list of cuisines that would be placed within a particular container. The packer can highlight the item on this list when placing it in the container.
The two colours that form the identity for the packaging is a deep red and cyan. The label folds to seal the packaging and can be easily opened through the fine perforations provided at the fold.

The graphic style for the labels is inspired by visual compositions designed by Dutch designer Piet Zwart.

A design collaboration with Naomi Shah .
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