Naya Studio identity design

Naya facilitates creation through a network of designers and makers. They offer and supervise design development and serial production to anyone looking to create their own furniture. It is a democratic model inviting collaboration between an individual, a professional and an enterprise. Naya is led by technology but has its essence in the physical world. Naya is not rooted to a location but globally connects customers, designers and makers.
For Naya to communicate its ideology and business model, it needed a visual identity, which would form the face of the brand for both the stakeholders and customers.

The Naya visual identity takes forward the 3 step process of engagement as a larger idea to create a signature symbol for the brand.
The font proposed for Naya is Rand (by Optimo) as a tribute to graphic designer Paul Rand. The specific shade of blue used is in reference to technology in the 21st century.

The use of the letter ‘N’ across collaterals gives this brand a distinctive identity.

A design collaboration with Naomi Shah .

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