RMA Architects Exhibition  exhibition design, production 

Ajay Shah Design Studio was invited to design an exhibition for RMA Architects spearheaded by the architect Rahul Mehrotra on completion of 30 years of their practice. The design intent was to reflect ‘Working in Mumbai’ and use this opportunity to present a timeline of works done by the firm and also present 6 institutional projects designed by them over a period of time.

Ajay Shah Design Studio proposed a concept and worked closely with Rahul and his team of architects to design this exhibition.
A central platform formed the main display for the exhibition. The key architecture models for the institutional projects populated this platform, showing both early and final models for the architecture proposed.

Of the 2 longer walls; one wall formed a graphic that captured from the book ‘Working in Mumbai’ a detailed timeline of projects over a span of 30 years, whereas the second wall formed a composition of working drawings and images of selected 6 projects.
The exhibition was curated by Kaiwan Mehta.

The graphics for the exhibition was designed by Venu Ravindranath.
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