Rubberband  product design, graphic design 

Rubberband Products is an in-house brand that allows us to express our own design sensibilities.

It began with us working on a small collection of notebooks in 2010. As the collection grew, we enjoyed the minimal design language, as it provided an antidote to the existing trends. 
The product collection underwent continuous refinement, using materials sourced globally and high standards of production, while maintaining design restraint.

Rubberband has been a constant reminder to pursue design that we enjoy. Beside the joy of product design, it gives us control to steer the brand as product and brand communicators, producers, and retailers.
Since 2017, we have invited collaborators from across the globe to design various products and series, some of whom include, Anthony Burrill, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Jean Jullien, Experimental Jetset, BIG-GAME, Selek Design, and Floris Hovers.
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