Vensa Breeze  nomenclature, brand identity

Vensa Breeze is a villa based project in Hyderabad, India.

After designing the corporate identity for the Vensa group some years ago, we followed this with a new identity for a boutique office project Vensa One, carrying the primary concept of the ‘cartesian’ symbol in the design.

We were once again invited to design a new villa living project identity for them. We explored many names for the project and the name `breeze’ was chosen.
Breeze, unlike air, suggests motion; there is a sensation of feeling cooler.

It was decided to carry the cartesian symbol from the corporate identity in all the projects, thereby giving each project a unique connection with the parent brand.

By cleverly placing the cartesian symbol inside the letter B; the latter has dimension and architectural quality.
Vensa appears in the corporate lower case font forming a logo unit with Breeze. The symbol can be used independently in signage and other applications to varying scales for effect. A brighter ultramarine blue colour breaks the pattern of pastel colour association with villa-based projects adding vigor to the project.
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