Vensa One  nomenclature, branding 

Vensa is an infrastructure development organisation based in Hyderabad, India.

For the last 30 years, Vensa Infrastructure has contributed to the development of several important projects for the government and private sector.

We designed their corporate visual identity 5 years ago.

In 2020 Vensa announced their first commercial project; a boutique office building in Hyderabad. This project is located in the heart of the financial district surrounded by campuses and offices of multinational companies. The ambition of this project is to build a workplace of the highest global design standards. The project is designed by Andy Fisher Workshop Architects, Singapore.
Within Vensa, the project is helmed by one of the founders Laxman Polkampally having a sharp sense of design and a keenness to set this project apart by focusing on every single design detail.

We were invited to design the visual identity for this project. 

Vensa One was the name selected for this project.

In keeping with the cartesian symbol designed for the vensa corporate identity, the visual identity for vensa one is formed by abstracting the cartesian symbol and placing the wordmark at the point of origin. The orientation of the Cartesian symbol is vertical and symbolises the vertical nature of the building.
Positioned as ‘The Change’, Vensa One works on a 3 point axis; Philosophy, Design, and Practicality. The application of the visual identity is confident. The integration of the identity to signage, spaces, print, and digital provides a consistent brand presence.

It was important to set a tone of freshness in the way this project is positioned and also bring around a change in the perception of real estate developers through a contemporary approach and design language.
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