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Mi Vida

Brand Strategy  , Campaign  , Communication  , Identity
Actis & Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate, Kenya Real Estate

Mi-Vida is a brand for a category of housing in Africa. Created as a joint venture between Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate and Actis, a prominent real-estate investment fund, the category sought to address the market gap between extremely low end housing and uber luxury projects. This kind of affordable housing was positioned as being aspirational and a new way of living for many people. ASDS defined the positioning of the brand and created the primary identity. The collateral that followed focused on the launch of the brand and the first project in Nairobi, Kenya.

While an international approach towards the branding was initially considered, it was evident after further investigation that a direction that embraces the roots of the culture was actually uncommon in this space. Using this as an opportunity, a design language that uses bright colours and forms inspired by traditional hieroglyphics became the core of the branding. The vibrant energy of the brand saw itself manifest in various sales and communication collateral.

Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate

Brand Strategy  , Campaign  , Communication  , Environmental Design  , Identity
Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate, Mumbai Real Estate

As a subset of one of the oldest construction companies in India, Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate wanted to move forward with a single voice and clarified vision. After an in depth study, a brand ethos and archetype was identified. ‘Constantly Committed’ became a corporate tagline that was a crystallisation of the ethos and brand philosophy. It was used dynamically in campaigns, merchandise and environmental graphics and remains a driving mantra in the organisation. Subsequently, a design language was derived from the brand archetype and guidelines for various categories were defined and collated in a comprehensive brand manual. 

The Board of Control for Cricket in India

Brand Strategy  , Communication  , Environmental Design  , Identity  , Nomenclature
The Board of Control for Cricket in India, Mumbai Sports

ASDS was commissioned by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to create a narrative and a visual identity for all its cricket formats, i.e. One Day International (ODI), T20, and Test Cricket. The applications extended themselves across multiple collateral, merchandise and in-stadia graphics.


Brand Strategy  , Communication  , Identity  , Nomenclature
Glide Insurance Pvt. Ltd. Finance

The word ‘Insurance’ seems daunting for many people and finding the right insurance product can feel complex to the average Joe. It was the clients’ mission to challenge this by projecting an image of simplicity and lightness. We arrived at the name ‘Glide’ and the positioning of ‘Effortless Insurance’. The identity is inspired by the movement of ice-skaters and the smooth, extending lines that stay embedded on the ice. The colour creates a sense of warmth and openness and is also distinct in this sector.


Brand Strategy  , Identity  , Nomenclature
Tonic, South Africa Corporate Brand

Kensta is a multi-sector company based in Nairobi. The objective of the exercise was to establish a new umbrella brand that would encompass all the present and future businesses. The brand had to resemble the ethos and culture of the company and be positioned as forward thinking, cutting edge and driven. The name ‘Tonic’ suggests the feeling of well-being and vigor. Tonic, by nature of its branding, occupies a positioning that can lend itself to new opportunities and the present businesses.

The visual identity explores the concept of a core and an outer circle. The core represents the organization formed by individuals and values. It remains stable and uncompromised through changing times. The outer circle represents the environment, which is constantly changing and also symbolizes the world. The responsiveness of the organization to the changing worldview is captured in an adaptive graphic element.

Cricket All Stars

Brand Strategy
Cricket All Stars, Mumbai Sports

An identity and collateral that we designed for a new format of cricket. This format introduces the sport in countries where cricket isn’t played or popular with the masses. It brings many cricket legends together to play a friendly, exhibition match to showcase the energy and glory of the sport. While this format was shelved due to unavoidable circumstances, we hope to see this come to light in the near future.

Phoenix Group

Brand Strategy  , Communication  , Identity
Hyderabad, India Commercial Real Estate Developers

A re-branding exercise that we recently completed for one of the largest commercial real-estate developers in Hyderabad. After many conversations and client workshops, a brand manifesto was drafted that laid the foundation for new values and a brand ethos. This ethos was crystallised into one simple word – Let’s. Its dynamic usage lent itself to various statements that highlight the beliefs and personality of the brand. A fresh design language was created to complement this positioning and their iconic symbol of the Phoenix bird was also suitably repurposed. These elements, along with design guidelines for various collateral and applications, all came together to represent a company that’s truly ready to soar.